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Investment Philosophy

Client Centered

There is not one strategy or product that meets all needs and everyone’s goals and situation is different.

However, our typical client has two main objectives when it comes to their money.

  1. They want to see their money grow
  2. They do not want loses or would like to avoid big loses

A stock and bond portfolio/ index or mutual fund approach alone cannot achieve both goals on their own. People that have been involved in the stock market over the last 20 years or longer have been through the ups and downs. The market can be volatile and most investors tend to react emotionally to downturns. It is our philosophy to educate them so that they can avoid compounding losses with withdrawals. We provide a roadmap to navigating this journey, to enable our clients to have the best possible opportunity to achieve the goals they set forth.

That is why we use a family endowment model which uses other asset classes which are uncorrelated to the stock market. This approach if designed to have a much smoother ride and meet client goals.